Backyard Chickens?

City looks at allowing urban folk to raise fowl

People in Edmonton are accustomed to hearing certain sounds in the city. The bark of a dog, the twittering of chickadees and the never-ending sound of traffic are among those noises.

The clucking of chickens, however, would be something new.

Gord Jackson, the director of policy in the city’s planning and development department, is overseeing an urban agricultural framework as part of the municipal development plan for all of Edmonton. As part of this framework, the city is looking into urban farming, including chickens.

This isn’t the first time the city has entertained the idea allowing chickens in the city. In February of last year, a group called the River City Chickens Collective proposed a pilot project, which would have allowed the group to test the idea. Members Laura Klassen and Margaret Fisher say concerns over noise and smell are overblown.

“It’s like anything. If you have a small dog, and your neighbour is right beside you, they are going to hear it,” says Klassen. “But, overall I would say [laying hens] are less noisy than a dog.”

The pilot project didn’t go through, but the city will consider the idea
under the umbrella of the new plan.

The city will hear public feedback on May 28, 11 a.m. at McIntyre Park.


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