Edges is a presented by Powerhouse Performance Company, directed by Gregory P. Caswell and Sarah Horsman.  It features four performers who sing a variety of musical theatre numbers with live piano.  The performance has an off-Broadway feel, and the small intimate setting at the Trans Alta Arts Barn further lends to this experience.

The themes of the songs range from sisters who can’t get along to understanding sincerity in the age of social media.  While some of the songs are a little too earnest and feel motivational, the show has some well-crafted lighter moments that help keep the performance moving. 

Edges does achieve an important goal of asking the more philosophical question of “who am I?”  but it does this in such a way as to interrogate the very force of the question, and tries to unhinge the importance of self-narration and the never-ending drive towards self-improvement, self-consistency, and perfect self-image.  The problems that the characters sing about, though, are mostly middle-class malaise and so have their limits for achieving the kind of social change that the Powerhouse Performance Company claims is part of their mission of “broadening theatre’s ideals.”

The performance is overall enjoyable, light and fun.


Three out of five stars


more in Theatre Preview     |     posted May 12th, 2011 at 1:48pm     

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