The Pixies
With Imaginary Cities
Sunday, May 1
Shaw Conference Centre


After completing their first album tour (from 1991 album Trompe Le Monde) several years back the Pixies crashed into Edmonton to tackle their next classic album tour, Doolittle.


Their seminal work was sandwiched in its entirety between famous B-sides opener like “Do the Manta Ray” between my personal favorite encore closer “Into the White”.

Stone cold classics like “Debaser” and “Monkey Gone to Heaven” were performed with precision and gusto; even though the Pixies members are a lot older and pudgier then they were at the albums creation.

Safe to say that even 20 years later the Pixies classic material still shines and rocks like it did back in ‘89.

Rumor has it that they quartet is planning some new material. Judging by Edmonton fans calling out two encores, they should have plenty of fans to also dig the new stuff too.



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