In the old, pre-computer days of journalism, reporters would add the designation -30- to signify the end of the story.


Sad to say, this week we put a big -30- on SEE Magazine. This is the 913th, and final, edition of Edmonton’s first alternative weekly.


It all comes down to economics. Edmonton is a robust, growing city, but the reality is that it is not big enough to support two alternative weekly newspapers. Vue Weekly, SEE’s rival for many years, was recently purchased by newspaper publisher Bob Doull. A couple of weeks ago, Doull completed the purchase of SEE Magazine from Great West Newspapers. Starting next week , the two publications will be amalgamated into one under the Vue banner.


For 19 years, SEE has strived to present alternative points of view, reflecting the spectrum of political and artistic opinion. Edmonton is a vibrant, exciting town with one of Canada’s best arts and culture scenes. With all due modesty, we like to think we’ve made an important contribution to the city scene.


To all of our loyal readers, we thank you for choosing SEE Magazine for all these years.


  It’s been fun.


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