The Burning Hell

Flux Capacitor

The jazzy folk stylings of The Burning Hell are sure to cause some toe tapping for those listening to Flux Capacitor, at least during some of the more rapid songs. The others are mostly slow cuts which are all too easy to skip to get to the more upbeat, vibrant songs like “Pirates,” “Nostalgia” or “Bedtime Stories.” The vocals are pretty hit-and-miss, too. Mathias Kom’s deep voice and wit turn each song into a story, but you have to listen well otherwise the songs may seem really random and out of place. Yet, there are certainly some very catchy songs on this Flux Capacitor, but there aren’t enough. The slow ones seem to go on forever, and sometimes the lyrics seem too strange and out of place. While there are some quality songs, they are too few to make this album worth a buy.

3 ½ out of 5



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