Eastern Conference Champions


Influences reign supreme for Eastern Conference Champions, their second full-length album finally reigns in all of their intentions for one clear concise sound. Album opener “Attica” has all the makings of an alt-country stomp-a-long, with lead singer Joshua Ostrander’s nasal delivery hovering between Bob Dylan and Steve Earle. Sparse and echoey with a sonic guitar breakdown, “Hurricane” boasts a chorus that could easily have been pulled from a Ryan Adams tune. Most notably there is a clear admiration for Radiohead, prevalent in the low baseline and hollow swell opening to “Bull In The Wild” and the “Life In A Glasshouse”-esque non sequitur jazz touches of “Offkilter”. With its off-tempo drum intro, raucous guitar work and a full band sound, “Atlas” is ECC at their best. Free from record label restraint and just barely on the radar for most listeners, Eastern Conference Champions is a band worthy of your attention.

3 ½ out of 5



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