Sixx: AM

This is Gonna Hurt

The sophomore album from Nikki Sixx’s vanity project accompanies his new book by the same name. The record blurs the line between rock and cock, delving to depths of canned nacho cheese and programmed drums. Lyrically, the album boasts Bon Jovi chorus lines with chunky, simple Three Days Grace riffs. With Dj Ashba, of current Guns N’ Roses fame, at the guitar helm the music remains unworthy of the Motley Crue or Guns pantheon. “Lies of the Beautiful People” proves to be a standout track (with John 5 suspiciously receiving his only writing credit) with an airy chorus and strangled slide-solo. Derivative at best, the album concedes to being either a boy band version of Avenged Sevenfold (“Live Forever”) or blatant rip-off artists with a Muse carbon copy (“Goodbye My Friends”) and U2 riff on “Oh My God”. It’s fine to be fans of music; that’s what cover bands are for.


1 ½ out of 5 Stars



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