Sara Evans


There is absolutely nothing new, surprising or even vaguely interesting on Sara Evans sixth, Stronger. It is all clichéd, straight down the middle modern country music — there’s a little guitar pickin’, a little twang, a little mandolin and a little steel guitar. There’s even a reissue of her breakout hit from 2000, “Born to Fly,” tacked onto the end. It’s just been given a bluegrass tinge to shine it up. Most of the songs are about some guy — running away with some guy, losing some guy, getting over some guy. And yet, the success and sickness of these country radio hits is that after spending an hour getting to know Stronger you’ll start to like it.  It’s basically the musical equivalent of Stockholm syndrome. It’s chipper, light-hearted, easy on the ears and Evans has that every woman personality down. What it comes down to is  that country music will stop producing brokenhearted songs when people stop getting their hearts broken, which I doubt will happen anytime soon.


2 ½ out of 5 Stars



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