Miracle Fortress

Was I the Wave?

Was I the Wave? is careful. Cautiously composed by Graham Van Pelt, the sole-musician behind Miracle Fortress, the album is slowly introduced by the icy, voiceless electronic track “Awe.” Patience is at the heart here,  as the crisp, sometimes even groovy melodies unfold gently — often expansive, yet never meandering.  Layered with sparkling sonic flourishes, washes of noise or ghostly voices become the overture for Van Pelt’s lively, almost poppy, synth-based experiments. There’s simultaneously an energy and calm to Was I the Wave?, kind of like a summer’s day. Breathy, windy interludes like “Before” lend a seriousness to the album compared with the more playful numbers like “Miscalculations,” were Van Pelt puts some cheesy electronic drum beats and laser lightshow sounds to good use, creating levity. Finally, “Until,” the last track on the album, soothingly strums a goodbye, making Was I the Wave? feel both complete and satisfying. 


3 ½ out of 5 Stars



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