Face to Face

Laugh Now, Laugh Later

There’s no debating that Face to Face have ebbed and flowed as an punk rock act (being around 20 years will do that) — much of what they’ve released doesn’t even qualify as ‘punk’, whatever that is anymore.  And naturally while most everything they do now will be pale compared to their raw and melodic debut, Don’t Turn Away, Laugh Now, Laugh Later is a considerable return to a sound and attitude that dominated their peak. A still influential band that seemed to lose their way (or their core audience’s way) for a long while — indicated by their large hiatus, their softer, often alienating albums, or the fact that their previous release was titled How to Ruin Everything — Face to Face’s first in nine years,  Laugh Now seals the holes made by their misses.  Wildly nostalgic 90s Californian punk with rattling basslines, rapid guitar, and strong vocals characterized by oozin’ ahhs, relieves the weaker moments of Face to Face’s career on Laugh Now, Laugh Later.

 3 ½ out of 5 Stars




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