Local Playboy Star Makes Horror Movie

Profiled here in SEE, "Danny Vegas" is best known for his role on Playboy Tv's The Boy Nexxt Door where he plays a young man with big dreams of making it  as a producer in the adult film industry.  The show (which has two seasons) currently runs on the Playboy TV network, but not many Edmontonians know that the brunt of the show was shot right here in Edmonton.

Having moved on from this Playboy project, Danny has returned  to his real name, Danny Lenko, and made the leap into mainstream movies .

"Since I was about 12, I've been obsessed with the film industry and making movies. When I was about 19, I kind of just fell into the adult side of it, but my goal was and has always been to be  successful in mainstream Hollywood, as a writer, director and even actor" Danny states, when asked why the move from adult to mainstream.  However, Danny knows he's got a long, tough road ahead of him before he will be strolling down his own Hollywood Premier's. "It all starts here, with my first mainstream movie, completely independent.  I had no producer or financier…I was both, as well as the writer, director and editor.  If I can successfully achieve making an entire feature film on no budget with a volunteer team…there is no doubt in my mind I can create successful pieces of work with a studio and a budget backing me!"

Danny Lenko's first feature film "Lukus" is set to Premier on Thursday December 2nd at 7pm at the Citadel Theatre. "Lukus is an indie horror film in every aspect and I think the indie horror fan base is one of the most loyal and supportive fan bases in any movie genre and I'm hoping that will play a big part in the success of this film." The movie itself is the story of a young man driven into a dark rage after the death of his brother, who then goes on a killing spree in an attempt to find his brother's killer, and takes out anyone in his way.

"The entire experience of making this movie was fantastic and could not have been accomplished without the amazing cast and crew I had, who all volunteered their time and energy.  We were all there for the same reason, we loved horror films and movies in general and wanted to make  the best one we could…no one was there for a paycheck…because there definitely wasn't one." Danny laughs as he explains the tricky task of making "Lukus" with literally under a thousand dollar budget.  

Danny admist, "I'm a bit nervous screening the movie for that many people for the first time. I guess all I can do is hold my breath and hope they like it!".

"Lukus" Premier's Thursday December 2nd at 7pm at the Citadel Theatre and is a one time screening.


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