Craig Cardiff — Jan. 19, 2011 — Haven Social Club

Craig Cardiff’s performance at Haven Social Club was quite a little treat. Like a one-year subscription to Esquire Magazine for $13 Canadian, or a side of Fettuccini Alfredo at Joey’s for $2.99, one can’t help but feel that there’s been a mistake; a glorious blunder in which you reap the benefits.   Keep looking at the bill — the jokes on them.  And I've now learned that the jokes on anyone who misses a Craig Cardiff performance because two songs into Cardiff’s set I could not help but feel as though there had been an error in the audience’s favour.


With equal parts funny and honest, Craig Cardiff took us through is recent album Mothers & Daughters taking breaks ever so often to play old familiar favorites. The accompaniment, and intermission performance, by Robyn Dell‘Unto really kicked it up a solid notch, adding an almost haunting layer depth at points, and then transitioning to upbeat ballads.


As great as the performance was, it was hard to top Cardiff’s handling of “that guy” (AKA Levi). You know who I’m talking about… drunk, obnoxious, there’s one at every show. Cardiff’s request that he come on stage and interpret a song through the use of a Napoleon Dynamite type hand dance was a masterfully stuck compromise. It allowed “Levi” the attention he so desperately sought, and the audience of onlookers quite the display of tomfoolery. Well played Mr. Cardiff, well played.


If you weren’t able to make this performance, or (gasp!) are not familiar with his material, I suggest you run as fast as your little feet will take you, buy up his catalog, and keep your eyes pealed for his next performance. However, I would not be surprised if the next time he graces our fair city it will be in a bigger venue and to a considerably larger audience.



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