LIVE REVIEW: Bedouin Soundclash

November in Edmonton is cold; damn cold. This is no secret worthy of a press release ‚ yet there are still those among us who lack this common understanding you and I share. You know who I'm talking about: they generally come out late at night sporting bare arms and legs; places most of us cover with wool, denim and down jackets.They do not loiter, they're destination bound: I often seen sprinting from a car to (insert night club name here) at impressive speeds.

Such behavior runs amok during the weekend, something I observe with equal parts intrigue and disgust.Where could this scantly clad bunch be heading? Where is such attire deemed appropriate?  Nowhere I thought, until last night at the Starlite Room where Bedouin Soundclash et al. took my prejudice by the lapels and gave it a good shaking.

Within moments of entering I realized that it was I, wrapped in a massive cardigan, who was the fool. We had all entered an oasis, with Jay Malinowski and his crew at the helm. Armed with songs reminiscent of warm summer days, we were subjected to a fee good escape from the cold reality of November in our fair city.

Sekou Lumumba blew many a mind at the onset of the show by disassembling his drum kit during 'National Water' whilst performing his drum solo (that's right, during his solo). A solo performance so hot, it caused beads of sweat to collect under the plethora of moustaches adorned by those participating in Movember.

The set was tight ‚tighter than I've ever seen from them‚ but not overly polished. Accompanied by Big Sugar's Gordie Johnson, Michael Rault and Charlie Winston, onlookers in the sold out venue left feeling as though we were part of something bigger than we anticipated; participants among artists, rather than an audience at a show.


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