Live Review: Touch CD Release at Crown Pub

Aside from the atmosphere of The Crown Pub on a Friday night, Touch’s release party added to the ambiance of the room. With a fearless approach and an assertive tone, performances such as the "Hobo Banditos" and "Babylon Warchild" set the stage for one of the most raw performances I’ve seen local talent manage to execute. It was evident from the crowd response the proficiency and experience Touch and Nato share. Much different from other shows or concerts, with the vibe and mood set, you were no longer watching a “character” perform but more so an individual. With many local artists present for the show, it was not a surprise the participation of the crowd and relation between performer and spectator. Though at times the show may have seemed chaotic or a bit unorganized it conclusively contributed to the wholesome home-grown feeling of the night and the Edmonton based foundation in which Touch’s lyrics seem to derive from. It would have been nice to hear more from Touch’s new album: Alienated and perhaps a longer set for him to perform, but in the end, not everything can be defined. Overall, the performances and artists were good and the night seemed pretty successful.

more in Music Review     |     posted Nov 18th, 2010 at 12:08am     

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