Chali 2na Live Review

When a band breaks up it is easy to wonder if it is the last we’ve heard of them. They could come back, or, maybe a singular talent once let loose will go on to surpass the success of the former group. 

Chali 2Na, the baritone anchor from LA’s  now defunct Jurassic 5, performed on Friday night (September 17) at the Pawn Shop. Though toting a playlist pulled almost completely from his solo works, the LP “Fish Outta Water” and both of “Fish Market” mixtapes, it was clear that it is not his intention to eclipse or even diminish the memory of his former group. In fact, 2Na clearly relishes the successes of his former group, referring to himself as “Chali 2Na from Jurassic 5”. Now in a different, more reflective place, he chooses to focus on himself as an artist and a person. This was made evident by his performance of the much revealing “Righteous Way” (improved by the elimination of the infant sounds found on the LP).

Perhaps the physical manifestation his current period as an artist, 2Na even brought his emcee brother, Laidlaw, with him to pounce on the crowd with enthusiastic verses throughout the show. Such an introspective approach would seem self-indulgent if the former “Verbal Herman Munster” didn’t seem so determined to put on a fantastic show. Sporting a no-frills style from being backed by the 3-piece House of Vibe Allstars to his simple attire, Chali used only his booming narratives and his envelopingly positive persona to completely win over the crowd.

Displaying a work ethic any father would be proud of, Chali performed for over an hour and a half. As a reward to the exhausted crowd, he peppered in the J5 crowd-pleasers “What’s Golden” and “Quality Control”. Finally, he signed off by introducing his supporting cast in freestyle form. After the show, as confirmation of his approachable vibe on stage, he stayed to visit with the many newly smitten fans to promote himself, his bandmates,  and the continued growth of “good hip hop”.

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