The Wheat Pool is Happy to Sing Sad Songs

Being Sonic’s “Band of the Month” has its perks and The Wheat Pool can attest to this. Having a song in their rotation, constant mentioning of their name on the station and playing to a packed Pawn Shop make this a pretty solid deal. Their show to end their reign as Sonic’s BOTM did not let me down. Cruising through oldies and goodies, TWP showed why “Hauntario” is one of the sleeper hits of the past year. "This is It", "Lefty" and "Nervous Bird" are solid live songs as well as studio tracks. The one thing about TWP’s show that really showed me that they should be band of the month every month was how happy they were on stage. Sure, they are artists, sure there is a lot of anguish and pain in their music, but playing live must be like Zoloft to them. The Angus brothers (Mike and Robb) had shit eating grins the whole night, and guitarist Glen Erickson even put his usual stoic persona aside to crack a few girly giggles throughout the show. And drummer Stephane Dagenais…well…I couldn’t actually see him that much through the fog. Is a fog machine part of Sonic’s arsenal of “How to make awesome bands awesomer” doctrine? If so, then, bring a double fog machine to my house.


more in Music Feature     |     posted Mar 4th, 2010 at 9:41am     

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