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I Am Music Tour
With Lil Wayne, Nicki Manaj, Rick Ross, Mix Master Mike, Travis Barker and Porcelain Black
Thursday, April 28
Rexall Place

As the rain spit outside Rexall place Thursday night, dampening the harsh smell of rank marijuana and the spirit of whimpering youth who spoke like they were from South Central Compton, confused throngs wearing ‘Free Weezy’ shirts and oversized track suits waited outside wondering.  Door times had passed considerably and, according to both estimated set times and concert logic, the opening artist, Porcelain should at least be … Read More

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LIVE REVIEW - Bridgetown Comedy Festival - Pop & Politics

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How do you follow Frank Zappa?


Rather than dwell on the potential difficulty of this, Ben Vereen followed Zappa’s  delightful ESO night by holding the Winspear in the palm of his hand himself.  And rather than a simple concert format, Friday’s Ben Vereen performance was an informal musical biography of inspirations, influences and personal triumphs that spanned the career of the ultimate “triple threat” — a magical calling that has taken Vereen from Broadway to the silver screen, from sharing the … Read More

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LIVE MUSIC REVIEW — Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers

The busy lobby of Sherwood Park’s Festival Place had the feeling, vibrancy and excitement of a cultural event, not a musical or comedic performance.  And, it turns out, that’s exactly what Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers’ show is about.  Now, being from Alberta — born and raised — I never once thought that I’d be outside of the cultural norm.  I understand that many cultures exist and we embrace them all wholeheartedly, but once every so often, you realize just how many people have re-located to Edmonton … Read More

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LIVE MUSIC REVIEW — DJ Numark and Edit of the Glitch Mob

Being the type of person who doesn’t particularly like the multitude of genres, sub-genres, and sub-sub-genres electronic-based music seems to have, I didn’t expect much from the the Glitch Mob’s Edit and his live set after checking it out online.  In fact, he seems very popular, but I don’t have a clue who he is — and I’m not sure what exactly that says.  Perhaps I am being judged as you read this; I do not care.  It was painfully obvious in many regards that most people were at Banff's Wild Bill’s to get their glitch on.


Opening MC, Black Rose, literally screamed and sometimes … Read More

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Lady Gaga Live Reviewed

Lady Gaga should probably look into acting. 

If there was ever a disconnect between music superstar and Jesus Christ Superstar, it has been solved.  Like the Beatles famously proclaimed, Lady G is larger than the original superstar – at least to throngs of ‘little monsters’.  Gaga is larger than the room she plays in. Bigger than the preposterous alien get-ups she magically transforms into.   Lady Gaga is bigger than her sometimes creaky, always powerful voice and so-called insecurities would ever have you imagine. She’s insanely self-confident, unabashed and outwardly limitless.

As Gaga and her elaborate stage and multitude of dancers smacked Edmonton with her theatrical productions and seemingly crank choices of set

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Until you stop and think about it, or you watch an hour long play about it, you don’t realize how the bathroom really is the heart of the household. Sure, Sh!tshow might at first come off as a wacked out diatribe about everything fecal, but it’s really not. What we all do in our washrooms is a big part of our lives. We all have many ‘things’, call them movements, in the washroom in common. It takes a great play to dissect washroom activities down to a digestible list of happenings. If my list is correct, Sh!tshow covers…male grooming, stall choice, inopportune Taco King repercussions, masturbation, pregnancy tests, a girl’s first period, how cute things eat feces and relationship negotiations. Now certainly I may have listed them here, but the … Read More

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