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This is a solo performance written and performed by Julia Mackey, directed by Dir Van Stralen.  Based upon the true story of veteran Jake Hubble who travelled to France after sixty years to pay homage to his brother buried at Normandy. Ms Mackey portrays 3 main characters; an inquisitive eleven year old girl named Isabelle, her solemn mother; and the cantankerous veteran.  She moves rapidly from character to character as they inter-twine with each other in conversation, and the impact they have on one another’s life.  It is a sad and retrospective drama which shows a friendship developing between Jake and Isabelle.  It is full of an array of emotions; happiness, sadness, and regrets.  The child portrays innocence, the veteran, wisdom; the mother kindness.  It gives the viewer a glimpse into the past through the eyes of the veteran.  A surprise element evolved at the end when Jake’s family were introduced.  A great play for history buffs, and well worth watching in any case. 

Five out of five stars.

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