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FRINGE REVIEW: A Fistful of Tenors

This was a dramatic event, the comical antics of Martin Murphy continues as he portrays the world renowned tenor, Pabaratti. He is accompanied by two gifted tenors in this trio starring Trent Worthington, Michel Landry, with Joachim Segger at the grand piano.  A wide variety of songs exuded from the mouths of these talented performers. A medley of hymns, several classical operatic songs with lots of unintelligible words, loud yelling and comical antics were presented. The entourage of music included modern songs of the 50’s era, and classical western theme songs.  The three tenors interacted with each other as well as the pianist, involving the audience in their antics with singing, hand clapping and general rivalry. The entire performance took on a Gilbert & Sullivan comedy act which enthralled and entertained the audience beyond their wildest expectations. A definite must see, suitable for all age groups.

Five out of five stars.

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kabi4774 wrote:

I do not recall hearing any Gilbert and Sullivan at this show. I think you have combined 2 different shows into one review. (A Fistful of Tenors and Il Duo).

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