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FRINGE REVIEW: Death - Live!

“If someone dies, and no one notices - did that person really live?” asks the Angel of Death (Joel Crichton). Through song, movement, dance and narrative, Death’s agile Minions (Tatyana Rac, Jon Lachlan Stewart, Darren Paul, Amber Bissonette) show us Death’s “top ten” favourites. Strung like beads on a necklace, or - more accurately - fangs and claws on a strip of razor wire - these ten deaths illustrate how to get noticed. But we’re left with the question – did these ten really live? Maybe the medic shot through the heart attempting to save a fallen comrade. Maybe the lad who rejoiced at outrunning trains – until finally one outran him. These are the memorable stories. But what of the other eight? Do they show us how to live our lives to the fullest? Or do they show us how to make the headlines, so at least our passing will be noticed? CAUTION – if you’ve lost someone recently, or in difficult circumstances – think twice about seeing this show. But if you can cope with a relentless look at the “big questions” this is a sardonic, twisted and creative performance.

Four out of five stars.

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