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FRINGE REVIEW: The Caligula Musical

Who knew Roman history could be so fun?  I have to admit to some scepticism before The Caligula Musical, but their enthusiastic audience was waiting eagerly for Friday’s midnight performance.  Caligula was one of Rome’s most tyrannical and perverted rulers; as the lead in a musical, his insanity gets star treatment.  The show kicks off with music reminiscent of the best in b-grade horror flicks.  At Caligula’s entrance, the soon-to-be Ceasar hits on his sister and promptly bursts into song, joined by Roman centurions for a campy chorus of “all I want is pussy”.  The tunes are catchy and witty amidst assassination and chronic disease.  When Caligula finally gets the crown, his insanity plays out in hilarious discussions of fiscal policy with his beloved horse.  The Caligula Musical is a rousing good time from start to finish.  The vocals are mostly strong, and rough patches are smoothed over by the charismatic personalities of the performers. This show has an 85 minute timeslot but clocked in at just over an hour, giving you some extra time in your fringing schedule.

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