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 “…better than sex…” claims Maggie (Tiana Leonty) of  the triathlete’s triple (swimmer’s, cyclist’s and runner’s) “high”. She tells us the story of her infatuation with Mitch her triathon coach and her competition with Jackie, assistant trainer and triathlon contender, satirizing Mitch’s manly swagger and portraying Jackie as a gushing “Barbie doll with muscles.” What would be caricature if Leonty were telling the story directly becomes amusing when these two are viewed from Maggie’s perspective.

Hefting weights, cycling, swimming, running and repeating, Maggie describes her grueling training routine – and the process of falling for, then recovering from, Mitch. (And Leonty doesn't even get out of breath!)

Timelines and signposts flash on the overhead screen, to orient us in space and time. Though her heart takes an emotional as well as a physical beating, Maggie learns to use this hurt and anger as fuel to thrust ahead and triumph over her competitors and complete the Ironman Triathlon.  

Better than sex? Perhaps that depends .....

Four out of five stars.

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