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This double feature draws inspiration from the TV anthologies of the 1960s and 70s (think Outer Limits and Twilight Zone) to present two seemingly different stories. The first tale - “Skin Deep” - tells of a mid-life crisis that goes weirder than usual. The second  -“Ravenous” – is a tale of mother love gone horribly wrong.

What links the two – apart from a versatile cast and a quirky playwright – is the underlying theme: the fundamental human need for love and connection to someone who really, truly understands who we are.

For “Skin Deep” creative projection of colourful photos permits black-clad actors to differentiate multiple roles without distracting costume changes. Much of the action for “Ravenous” is set in a funeral parlour, allowing the actors to remain in basic black.

Comedies seldom provide for strong character development  - but Albie (Nathan Coppens) in  “Skin Deep” and Jellybean (Cody Porter) in “Ravenous” make valiant efforts to “do something” to change their lives. Their limited success is the stuff of laughter, and perhaps the realization of “there but for fortune…”

Four out of five stars.

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