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FRINGE REVIEW: Europe - A Savvy Girl's Guide

Melanie Gall’s Europe: A Savvy Girl’s Guide at the Yardbird Suite is a whimsical


Gall plays Kessendra, a slightly naïve young woman about to embark on her first trip to

Europe. She is equally nervous and excited.

The 70-minute musical begins with Kessendra packing her suitcase, mindful of having

appropriate clothing.

She has trouble determining the currency exchange as she tries to buy Euros. “Oh, why

didn’t I listen in math class?” She is quickly caught up in the glamour of Paris. Her

accommodations were something else, entirely.

“That’s what you get for a $12 bed,” she laments. “I cannot sleep in a bed bug bed


Marsha Amanova serves as the narrator and at times is Kessendra’s alter-ego. She has

been to Europe and offers travel tips to Kessendra.

Next up: Rome. “It’s time to have some fun. It’s time to go shopping!”

Trish VanDoornum plays a variety of roles, including the requisite foreign lover. Her

fake moustache was a scene stealer! The three actors trade lines with ease and their

singing was spot on.

But this show wouldn’t lift off the runway if it weren’t for pianist Erin Craig. She was

flawless in all eight songs, and her background accompaniment kept the comedy moving


Four out of five stars.


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