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FRINGE REVIEW: The Lime Tree Bower

The Lime Tree Bower opens with a round of drinks and a melodic chorus of “Wild Rover”- hinting that crisis is about to change the roving ways of at least one of the three characters. Taking turns telling on themselves, adolescent Joe (Vincent Forcier), responsible Frank (Jon Lacklan Stewart) and dissolute Ray (Cody Porter) spin separate tales that eventually weave together.

Joe admires a new school mate and feels all grown up when this pal invites him to sneak into a club that has a cavalier attitude toward underage patrons. Frank is willing to commit robbery to help out his hard-working, debt-ridden father. Ray has a chance to demonstrate his (self-described) academic superiority, but blows the chance through a self-inflicted hangover. Billed as a “coming of age” story, only Joe seems to do much growing up.

Though filled with crimes, misdemeanors and self-created failures, these stories generate only mild sorrow and pity, with a few chuckles at the foibles and flaws of the three characters.

Well-acted, in spite of the flaws in Conor McPherson’s play. 

Three and a half out of five stars.

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