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Staging a full-length popular musical as a Fringe work, let alone one with a huge cast and a live band for accompaniment, is ambitious to say the least. But pulling it off with unwavering, intense energy and peace-love-and-ecstasy idealism shining on every single face is nothing short of fantastic. The defining story of the hippy era, Hair: The American Love Rock Tribal Musical was sex, drugs and social commentary; certain themes still ring true today while the rest is splendidly campy nostalgia. The vocal talents in the show are phenomenal across the board, the choreography exuberant; even the full-frontal male nudie scene is borne with dignity and gusto. A serious hit and worth the trip across the river from the main Fringe grounds, even if it means the title song will be looping through your head all week long. 

Four and a half out of five stars.

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