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FRINGE REVIEW: Bigger Than Vegas

Bridget Ryan starring in a production of Bridget Ryan's Bigger Than Vegas feels a little bit more like "ME: THE MUSICAL" for how self-indulgent it comes across as.  However, Ryan is funny, regaling her audience with humorous anecdotes about failed auditions, failed love, and failure to perform the American national anthem.  For how successful she is, Ryan sure does fail a lot.  Perhaps, though, that's all that success is - a gross failure to fail.  Telling her stories of failure through popular music - most prominently ABBA - because the only thing better than talking about yourself for an hour is singing about yourself for an hour.  Also, there is a song about Costco, because apparently the only thing bigger than Vegas is Costco.  Though there are a few glaring missteps - such as the underwhelming renditions of 'Viva Las Vegas' and 'Welcome to the Jungle' - the production is a crowd-pleaser with largely everyone in attendance enjoying Ryan's cabaret confessional.  Perhaps not the best of the Fringe, but there are definitely worse ways to spend 12 bucks.

Three out of five stars.

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