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FRINGE REVIEW:Eccentrically We Love

It was like deja vu for Vancouver's The Fugitives, heading back to Whyte Avenue after closing last month's SOS Fest. This time though, multi-instrumentalists Barbara Adler, Steven Charles, Brendan McLeod and Adrian Glynn--accompanied by upright bassist James Meger--were beckoned to the basement of B Scene Studios for the Fringe. That's where a sold-out crowd was fed harmonious chants and folksy carols shaped through the resonance of unconventional banjo, accordion and even balalaika, and randomly punctuated with solemn spoken word. Not so much a theatre production, but rather a dressed-up gig, the "cast" of 'Eccentrically Yours'--also the title of their debut disc--paused after each of their 10 and a half songs (and a duelling poem about eccentric Canadian pianist Glenn Gould) to engage us in tales of road trips or T-shirt competitions (not what you think!), but it was the music that had us glued to our seats. 

Four out of five stars.

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