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FRINGE REVIEW: Wanted, If Not Wed

Toronto actress Jennifer Gillespie put out an online call for unmarried women of all ages. The words she speaks are taken verbatim from her interviews with the respondents, and these women make statements more authentic, affirming and unsettling than anything a playwright could fabricate. There are cat references. Rabbits too. Gillespie’s capacity to capture accent, tone and cadence is impressive, though the blackouts during transitions were distracting. Despite our wedding-saturated culture, it is clear that contemporary Western women have choices, but there are emotional and financial repercussions. One successful, middle-aged career woman admits that she still wants a husband and children but just can’t do that part by herself. Many of these women have reached conclusions that work for them, and some choose to wait for fate to bring them their conclusion. A 71-year-old tells her fellow women, “Never give up.” But there is an unspoken question: “On what?”

Three and a half out of five stars.

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