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Hilarity, poignancy, and finally triumph – it’s in more or less that order that Rachelle Fordyce leads us through her latest one-woman show. And from start to finish, she has the audience in her complete grip: be prepared to cheer by the end. Busying for what she hopes to be The Big Night with her man crush, Fordyce’s clown-nosed alter ego Fizzy Tiff winds up baring her soul all right, albeit in unexpected fashion. Klutzy and cheek-pinchingly lovable, Fizzy unfailingly wins our moral support; this show could easily have been an unendurable group therapy session, but Fordyce brilliantly sidesteps the potential pitfalls, and delivers a genuinely uplifting piece of theatre instead. Being honest about yourself, because it’s so hard for the rest of us – that could be considered one definition of an artist. Fordyce is a painfully honest artist, and this is one of the best Fringe shows I’ve ever seen.

Five out of five stars.

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