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FRINGE REVIEW: Tired Clichés

‘Fuck you!’ the excellent Alex Eddington yells from the stage – and we’re laughin’.  This is TJ Dawe’s Tired Clichés, one of those shows that still make the Fringe an event worth sampling, despite the festival’s own efforts to undo itself.  A guy spinning stories about the birth of the Methodist church?!  Gimme a break!  This is no theatre, this is Sunday service.  Let’s hope the venerable festival shakes off this madness.  Back to the play.  Practically no reviewer has ever understood what it is – a superbly wrought, scathing and witty satire on modern capitalism and its inhumane and dehumanizing mechanisms.  Outwardly, it is an elegantly convoluted tale of a young graduate working for minimum wage.  The beginning seems wacky, yet bit by bit everything falls into place: vomiting cats, vulgarisms, bicycles, and all.  The narrative pulls no punches, is cruelly funny and Eddington gives a virtuoso performance.

Four out of five stars.

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