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Good Women are enthusiastic performers who occasionally get carried away by their … enthusiasm.  They are unpredictable, but not in that meaning of the word artists love to be called.  One would prefer less unpredictability and more content.  That content, creative imagination and formal cohesiveness are beautifully shown in their Amtrak, a truly outstanding piece of work.  But Amtrak is short and, at fifty minutes, This Is Not A Play, is long.  The latter is a series of compact, unconnected dance etudes, which opens with a little exercise to the Talking Heads tune and concludes with a Jimi Hendrix three-piece set.  In between, a number of etudes are done to a kind of generic electronica.  In some places, the dance alternates with neat, short videos, giving the performers time to change.  Energy, skill, a sense of humour are all there – what we need more of is a stronger narrative backbone.

Three and a half out of five stars.

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