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Cancer is a lumpy tube of gold lamé with teeth from a cigarette pack. In a bowler hat, he looks like Jim Carrey’s character in The Mask if he were decomposing. And he is British, didn’t you know? Cancer is pretty darn satisfied with his celebrity: humankind spends millions to raise awareness of him. But he would feel better with a couple of Facebook friends. He can’t help being such a serial dater. Bruce Horak is attaching a face to this disease in a way that cancer foundations haven’t tried, and The Big C is determined to defend his existence. This Is Cancer mixes a potent cocktail of comedy, pathos, sarcasm and genuine emotion. There is a charge in the air during Cancer’s audience interactions. If you have ever wanted to confront Cancer about that last time he showed up, take your chance. But be warned. Acacia Hall is one of the festival’s most intimate venues, and Cancer has some serious balls.

Five out of five stars.

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