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FRINGE REVIEW: The Pig Of Happiness

Bremner Duthie has a great face. It’s the kind of mug that serves an actor well: expressive, angular, and fascinating to just behold. He uses both it and maybe every other tool of the actor’s trade to full effect here, in a tale of nothing less than the quest for happiness. Too bad his dramaturgical skills couldn’t have yielded a sharper, more eventful plotline; the action meanders here and there and nowhere in particular, with nothing but Duthie’s commanding presence to keep his shit together. Still, he taps a store of emotional truth that’s affecting and identifiable. And there’s lots of good musical performances, including a hilarious climactic mash-up of Kurt Cobain and Perry Cuomo – accompanied on the accordion. (You may also find yourself leaving the theatre nonsensically humming “Bird…Fish! / Bird…Fish!”).

Three and a half out of five stars.

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