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FRINGE REVIEW: The Guitar Teacher

Man, is Randy Rutherford one laid-back cat. The man behind last year’s acclaimed Fringe circuit Weaverville Waltz returns with another laconic tale of bittersweet life lessons. This time out, the story is of a young Randy becoming ill advisedly involved with his guitar teacher’s squeeze. Except, the cock-knocker doesn’t really deserve her…but that doesn’t mean she’ll leave him. Whereas the still-involving Weaverville ran long, this show just feels leisurely; its pacing is actually better than some 60-minute shows. And Rutherford can still pluck the guitar like he’s tying his shoes. His rhythm may be off sometimes when singing, but that just enhances the casual appeal. The guy’s like the eccentric drunk ex-hippie who wants to tell you about the old days – except Rutherford makes you want to keep listening.

Four out of five stars.

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