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Ever wanted to see Barney the purple dinosaur in a harsh slum?  If so, The Big Oops might satiate your desire. Directed by Fringe regular TJ Daw (The One Man Star Wars Trilogy), the play's protagonist Sammy Sam (Cara Yeates), an innocent, wide-eyed young woman, and her sock-puppet boyfriend confront crime, graffiti and unplanned pregnancy - all of which is accompanied by the wholesome narration of a toddler's TV show.  Be prepared for 'The Lesson of the Day', 'Mailbox Time' and a host of other gimmicks from children's television. While the concept works at first, the play, like most children's TV shows, follows one pattern, resulting in repetition of the same jokes and gimmicks over and over.  The end result comes across as an overly patronizing after-school special about adulthood.  If you enjoy sitting down to watch an hour or so of Tree House, consider this your kind of play.

One and a half out of five stars.

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