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FRINGE REVIEW: Social Sundays

Billing itself as “comedy”, Social Sundays employs caricature and farce to show the search for passion and the meaning of life as a competition sport with a deadly twist.

To be genuinely funny, farcical characters need consistency and focus. However, opening night performances were uneven. Some roles –Roman (Joe Vanderhelm), the artist - were underplayed, some – like  the foppish designer Dante (Jessie McPhee) - were over the top.During the final scenes, central characters shed costumes to get down to basics (underwear). Instead of revealing “the truth” this tactic reveals more lies and confusion. We’re left with more questions than “answers”:

  • What makes Dante (Jessie McPhee) as ruthless as he’s purported to be? Or does his power / influence exist only in the imaginations and assumptions of the social climbers who engage his services? 

  • Though the main character, Lillian (Molly Flood) seems to have come out “on top,” has she found the “passion and excitement” that she’s been searching for?
  • Does the audience really care, or are we just here to be entertained?

Three out of five stars.


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