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Mission Bird (Toronto performer Haley McGee) is a skinny moppet with gravity-defying hair, taped-up glasses and a look of perpetual accusation – picture Tavi Gevinson if she stuck her finger in a light socket. An old suitcase serves as her home, her stage and her shield. Her mother, Irma, cut herself, and Mission Bird has learned to scrutinize laundry for the fluids that betray fragility. She is in the apartment of the man who might be the owner of the shirt that Irma bled into the last time. Mission Bird will tell you the rest, in the language of neuroses peppered with valley girl-speak. When the material is too raw, she will continue through hilarious “self-ologues” and beat poetry. Watch out, because Mission Bird is sharp, and your fingernails will sting afterwards. She might become the next darling of Canadian theatre if she can keep her unfortunate destructive tendencies in check. 

Five out of five stars.

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