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When the depression hits Chester McDonald in Hoboheme, he hitches a ride on the Canadian Pacific Railway to the Hobo Jungle. This “breeding ground for bolshevism” is reminiscent of Wylie Coyote’s wild west.  Chester takes up with the likes of Shithouse Clancy and finds love again with a hobo-ess.  After getting his new friends riled up about equal rights and representation, they hop aboard the train for Ottawa to petition the Prime Minister. The plot isn’t strong and often goes off track, but detours generally point towards hilarity. Mike Robertson and Stuart Hoye’s score for this musical is banjo-driven honky tonk. The music is fun but the lyrics are often awkward and the singers don’t always come across clearly over the band.  Unfortunately, the actors’ cartoonish accents are occasionally difficult to understand. At the end of the day, though,Hoboheme’s comical gang of vagabonds is loveable and uninhibited.

Two out of five stars.

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