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FRINGE REVIEW: Gordon's Big Bald Head

The idea behind this improv show is for an audience member to randomly pick a number between one and 39 (the number of venues at Fringe this year) and then to pick one more number and thus choose which play will be performed that night. One member of the improv trio will read out the brief synopsis from the Fringe guide and then the cast will improv the hell out of it. 

On Sunday night they did their version of Bloom and it was incredible. Funny and not obnoxious (as improv can often be), really clever and well-acted, and only self-reflexive and self-deprecating when it actually added to the story and performance, rather than as an entertainment device. These three very talented improv artists had the audience laughing for the entire hour. It was so good that I will now blindly go see any other Fringe play that these actors are involved in.

Four and a half out of five stars.

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