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FRINGE REVIEW: Fairytales Scratched

Rapid Fire Theatre’s Fairytales Scratched is a raunchy and bizarre journey into the Enchanted Forest’s seamy underbelly.  Be prepared to learn about Little Red Riding Hood’s romance with the Big Bad Wolf, Jack’s addiction to ‘magic’ beans and the 3 little pigs’ special brotherly bond.  Written by Kevin Gillese and Arlen Konopaki, the dynamic duo that produced the hit improv show Scratch, the play artfully mashes three well known fairy tales into a clever, adult themed comedic romp.  If you enjoy crude humor, corrupt fairy tale characters, and twisted plot lines, I guarantee you’ll like this one.

Four out of five stars.

more in Fringe Reviews     |     posted Aug 15th, 2010 at 8:52pm     

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