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What holds this mostly compelling drama back is the deficit between its two actors. Pamela Paul is superlative as the mother of a 30-something, would-be writer who’s “temporarily” under her roof. Between the fantasies he pours into his tape recorder and a violent video game he becomes addicted to, his grip on reality loosens – and danger looms. Max Arnaud’s script is thoughtful and well-constructed, but as an actor he keeps us at arm’s length: it’s like he’s thinking too much, instead of reacting impulsively moment to moment. Which is to say, it’s like he’s acting more out of his head than from his gut. And he might make things a little clearer as to his character’s mental state, before he becomes obsessed with the shooter game his mom gives him. Still, the escalating scenario is genuinely gripping. 

Three and a half stars.

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