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FRINGE REVIEW: Classically Trained, Practically Broke

Dianna Dollman has performed on some of the grandest stages in the world, delighting high-class audiences at Carnegie Hall, the New York Met, and on Broadway. With that said, the Spruce Grove native seemed far out of place at the Fringe, belting out earshots of Mozart, Verdi, Strauss and even Patsy Cline, as Randy Mueller pressed away at the sidelined Clavinova piano. Dollman's hour-long half-ass cabaret is a niche night out, as I quickly discovered, and although most of the small crowd seemed genuinely pleased, I wrestled with my patience. The way in which Dollman invited each of the 14 (ugh!) numbers was at least creative, pulling out ditties that were significant to her at various stages in her life. And there's no denying her illustrious chops--not to mention bubbly persona--but sixty minutes of mostly show tunes and operatic pieces was not my idea of a good time. 

One out of five stars.

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