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FRINGE REVIEW: Bad Connections

I admit to being terrified that this play about “nine eccentric New Yorkers” would be Sex and the City or one of those ubiquitous urban romantic comedies featuring 10 celebrities du jour done for the stage. I have to tell you not only how off-base I was but how moving, relevant and tragic this show is. Paul Cosentino plays all nine characters: an East Indian guru, a young black woman, a middle-aged Jewish woman, an Italian shopowner and his adult grandson … that’s only five and all nine are authentically realized with distinctions as subtle as finger placement. The script by New Yorker Michael Levesque rambles in places, and some of the “connections” feel too coincidental. But contained within these interactions are stunning observations, especially on aging. The last narration needs to be lengthened, because the play ended with me still recovering from the penultimate scene. I am still recovering.

Four and a half stars out of five.

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