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With a Stewie Griffin voice and a cartoonishly expressive face, Daniel Nimmo grabs the attention fast. That the show opens with a terrific bit of busking helps. But that’s just a red herring: Nimmo’s alter ego informs us that he’s a REAL artist, y’know, and would we like to see his masterpiece of abstract theatre? What follows has little or nothing to do with coherent story, and everything to do with the very nature of performance. The real subject isn’t the cockamamie inter-dimensional business that comprises the show within the show, but rather the earnest efforts of meta-Nimmo to win us over with his, er, singularly unique vision. There’s something sweet about that, under all the bizarre action. And while we may not always know what his white-faced goblin is actually talking about, he still succeeds in convincing us to go along with it: this features some extremely amusing interactive elements (“WHIRLPOOL!!!”). Give this one a try.

Four out of five stars.

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