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FRINGE REVIEW: 7 (x1) Samurai

Well, it had to happen. Somebody had to do a clown parody of the epic film Seven Samurai. Just I never figured it would use the classic paint-a-mural-of-a-road-that-really-blocking-a-cliff trick, the one Wile E. Coyote keeps (literally) falling over. Winnipeg comedian David Gaines uses mask, movement, clowning, miming and voice sounds to create a skewered version of the Akira Kurosawa classic, complete with swords that stick in their scabbards at inopportune times, arrows that hit the wrong mark and an Acme Samurai Service that can only lead to trouble. It's tough getting a battle of hundreds down to one man but the delight is seeing Gaines pull it off. Sure, a few brigands will die some gruesomely funny deaths before the last samurai sheaths his sword and walks off into the sunset but this is one that whole family can laugh and cheer at. A must-see for the Fringing family.

Four out of five stars.

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