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Noticing an all-female cast on a Fringe program you might instinctively forecast a barrage of tit-chat, tales of lesbian trial & error, or interludes of vagina speak, no? Well, in the case of Melanie Godbout, Kate Jestadt, Jayce Mckenzie and Leah Paterson's ballsy variety blitz 4, you'd be right on target. But these dirty-mouthed young ladies only parody their sullen predecessors (I'm talking about you, Eve Ensler!), shifting "empowering" tones to crude jokes about feminine hygiene products, breaking into song & dance over getting laid, or composing rules & regulations for their aptly-named 'Book of Wifery,' all with suspiciously straight faces. You'd think these four former Grant Mac trainees were veterans of their trade, never skipping a beat through hilarious skits about affection from a homeless man, satirizing the numbed airheads of 'The Hills,' or revising Eminem & Nate Dogg's blasphemous "Shake That Ass." Fan-fucking-tastic!

Five out of five stars.

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