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The charm of this youthful cast will get you, even if the material doesn’t. Two years after the Fringe hit The “L” Word offered an all-female tour de force, Wilde-Flower Productions is back with a new song-filled show that has a twist : this time the guys are given equal stake in what takes the stage. The play doesn’t have anywhere near the depth of its predecessor, where an uninterrupted chorus of female voices created a sense of intimate confiding.  But The “M” Word still has a downgraded girl-power slant through segments like “dressing up the douche bag” and “men-stration.” The delivery is thin in parts of the show, as is the questionable choice of asking young actors to explore themes like divorce. Still the play’s 13 sequences offer a pleasant treat for Fringegoers interested in cheering on fresh, bright-eyed talent.

Three out of five stars.

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