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FRINGE REVIEW: The Excursionists - A Matter of Second

From the onset, I was out of synch with this time travel adventure. SEE lauded 2006’s The Excursionists : An Aristocratic Adventure, but this sequel by Seattle’s comedic duo (Jonah Von Spreecken and Christopher Bange)  misses the mark. The homage to Monty Python is wonderfully affected, but unfortunately Spreeken and Bange don’t go beyond posturing a well-worn style. Zingy one-liners are tempered by one too many cheesy puns, overdone toilet humour and silly passages that lack pithy weight. The pair is undeniably talented, weaving in several self-reflexive themes and spinning multiple storylines at the same time.  But some sequence transitions are unclear and by the end I just felt tired.  That’s the trouble with venturing into the absurd ; if you don’t fully sell it, all that’s left is a mess.

Two and a half out of five stars.

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