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FRINGE REVIEW: That Greek Thing

This is a story about Pandora’s Box, or rather the evils that came forth from Pandora’s Box. Who would have thought that after war, pestilence, and death, the world had to wait another two thousand years for Pandora to release the onslaught of Justin Bieber? Suffice to say, the comedic foursome from Leduc deliver a hilarious onslaught of Greek mythology and philosophy through a screen of pop culture references. The Spartans do their version of Bring It On! cheerleading. Katy Perry’s ‘California Girls’ gets butchered by an Athenian balladeer. The Oracles are a bunch of stoners. And Ancient Greece’s 24-hour news channel The Scroll proves those guys in Troy should never accept gifts from the Greeks. Is there a point to all this madness? Can Pandora’s Box be blamed for the MacMuffin or gangsta rap? And just what was Dionysus (god of theatre, sex and drinking) really saying through that garbled loudspeaker (tech guys, please fix it). Perhaps there is no point to this sketch play. I didn’t feel any more educated about ancient Greece coming out of the venue as I did coming in, but the audience and I did have a blast when the Leduc four did a rousing portaging dance number to Styx’s ‘Sail Away.’

Four out of five stars.

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